Setouchi Triennale – Shamijima Art (2019)

Shamijima is a small “island” that was historically a bridge but the waterway has been filled in to create a land bridge and it is basically part of the coast near the Seto Ohashi Bridge. During the Setouchi Triennale’s spring edition, it becomes a hub of artworks that has a few permanent artworks and several temporary ones.

sm01 – Stratums

Stratums by Tanya Preminger is a fun artwork that has been around since 2013. It was built for the 2013 Setouchi Triennale and has been there ever since. This large berm of earth is a double helix of ramps leading to the top of a cone. It is definitely a fun place to run around as a kid. Unfortunately they barely finished it on time for 2013 so the area was still mostly dirt with grass seeds but I’m looking forward to it for 2019.

sm03 – Sora-Ami:Knitting the Sky

Sora-Ami:Knitting the Sky by Yasuaki Igarashi is a beautiful artwork that is a set of colourful fishing nets that just float in the air. It is strung up on poles and changes locations from time to time depending on the Triennale. It is one of those artworks that you can just sit and watch it as part of your meditation.

sm08 – Oiwa Island 2

Oiwa Island 2 is a roving artwork that started in 2013 by Oscar Oiwa.  It was originally it has moved to Shamijima for the spring edition of the Setouchi Triennale.  In 2013, it wasn’t 100% complete so Oscar Oiwa did the final touches for the 2016 Triennale and may do more for 2019.  It is essentially a big plastic globe that you go into to enjoy.  When you enter the room you are suddenly transported into a new world.  Everything was done by markers and it is his second artwork with the same medium.  It was amazing to be in there and it would have been much better if it wasn’t so hot in the summer.  It does require revisits to really enjoy it and appreciate the little details of everything.

sm10 – Nine Legs of Eight People

Nine Legs of Eight People by Syuzo Fujimoto is a fun artwork that requires someone to take your photo. I wasn’t very impressed by the artwork on its own but when I was there and my friend was taking photos of me, it made it look better. On its own without anyone sitting on it, it can look lonely. The first time I saw it, it was not in a great position, but they moved it since 2013 and from the photos, it looks even better and I can’t wait to visit it again in 2019.

New/Unvisited from 2019

  • sm02 – Untitled by Yotta
  • sm04 – Food club by Anahita Razmi
  • sm05 – sea drop by Yoshitaka Nanjo
  • sm06 – Untitled by Leonid Tishkov
  • sm07 – Pivot by Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humprey
  • sm09 – Untitled by Masahiro Hasunuma