What are we? (2016 Setouchi Treinnale)

“What are we?” is an interesting introduction to Sosa Joseph, an Indian artist.  Located in the old Soy Sauce Industry Hall on Shodoshima, “What are we?” is a solo exhibition that I was looking forward to.  I had a lot of expectations as I was under the impression that the artist was in residence, but when I visited she was not there.  This may have soured my experience a little but that is not the main reason for my disappointment.

Soy Sauce Industry Hall

“What are we?” was a nice exhibition of Sosa Joseph’s artwork.  I felt that the artwork was a little dark and definitely not a style that I love.  The colours were a bit depressing and the imagery was similar.  I may have lost a lot of understanding based on the fact that little information was available on each piece.  The technique was really good but I am afraid that I was at a loss to really understand it.

What are we?

The one thing I loved about “What are we?” is the air conditioning.  On a very hot summer’s day, this gallery was a lifeline to help keep me cool and prevent me from getting heatstroke.  I was thankful for this oasis but I wished there was a better connection with Shodoshima.  My only gripe was that there didn’t seem to be a good connection with the island and it felt like a regular art gallery.  Even other artists who don’t really create artwork for the island still created things that were part of the buildings and the setting helped create the mood.  It is a little hard considering this hall was of European design but perhaps I am being biased.  I still think Sosa Joseph’s work was nice but not sure I would consider it a good match for the Setouchi Triennale.

What are we?

What are we?

Note:  “What are we?” is no longer available on Shodoshima.