Zhyvago Coffee Works Okinawa (Chatan)

Zhyvago Coffee Works Okinawa

Zhyvago Coffee Works Okinawa is a cool little coffee shop in front of the waterfront at American Village in Chatan.  This coffee shop can be a little hidden by the trees lining the front of the building but it isn’t hard to find.  The atmosphere inside the coffee shop is about as laid back and west coast cool as you can imagine, making it a great place to chill.

Zhyvago Coffee Works Okinawa

Once you walk into Zhyvago you are greeted by a typical west coast mess.  You have wood accents, metal piping, and a hipster laboratory feel throughout the shop.  It is a hodgepodge of trinkets that looks very messy yet cool at the same time.  You must also look up at the ceiling as the inspiration of the coffee shop came from PDX (Portland), and the huge sign reflects this.

Zhyvago Coffee Works Okinawa

The coffee at Zhyvago was pretty good.  They had a cold brew coffee that was a bit expensive and not my preference.  I preferred their regular iced coffee which had a better roast character.  Either way the coffee was pretty high in quality.  I also got their lunch plate which had a sandwich, tuna cheese melt for me, a small salad, and a coffee.  It was a great sandwich that hit the spot before I headed out to work in the afternoon.

Zhyvago Coffee Works Okinawa Lunch Plate

Zhyvago is not really a place you can just sit and relax, and yet it is a great place to sit and relax.  People tend to come and go pretty quickly and not many people just grab a coffee and sit for hours.  My image of a hipster style coffee shop is when people just bring a computer, order a coffee, and just sit working on their script for their latest Oscar worthy movie.  Obviously this is a huge stereotype, but Zhyvago fits this stereotype to a T, but the people visiting do not.  They tend to be tourists and a few locals that just come for a quick coffee or one of their other specialty drinks.  It didn’t seem like they had a lot of regulars who just like to chill inside.

Beautiful View at Zhyvago Coffee Works Okinawa

I really liked visiting Zhyvago and when I’m back in Chatan you can be sure that I’ll be there just getting a coffee and relaxing before I head to work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go back again, or at least go on a vacation where I can just relax all day doing nothing but enjoying the great view.