Taiheiyogan V2.0

I can’t express how sorry I am that I have not been able to update this blog as often as I should.  If any of you have visited Taiheiyogan recently, you can easily see why my time has been devoted to that and I can’t write much here.  I still have a lot of blog post ideas, especially from my Okinawa trip, that I’d like to write about but it will take a bit more time to do that.

Recently we released version 2.0 of Taiheiyogan.  It was a full site overhaul where we made it easier for people to navigate and find things.  I really like the overall look but there are a few little things that I would like to change in the future.  I need to find a bit more time to play around with things but it isn’t bad.  We also released our Okinawa Craft Beer section into V2.0 with an Okinawa craft beer map of several shops on Okinawa’s main island.  I found Okinawa to be a little lacking in information on craft beer, whereas Kanto and Kansai tend to have enough information to keep people happy.  This was the main point of V2.0 as we needed a site that could handle different areas.  You can be sure that I’ll be going to more areas of Japan in the future, but for now I need to continue working on the site in Kanto and finishing up the final touches of Okinawa.

What do you think of V2.0 of Taiheiyogan?  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  I know not all of you are beer drinkers so I will do my best to refocus on HinoMaple (Dru’s Misadventures) in the near future too.