Ark Business Hotel (Mito)

The Hotel Ark Business in Mito is an old business hotel in Mito that is near the drinking district on the south side of the station.  It is starting to show its age and it wasn’t designed well but it is good enough if you are looking for a place to stay for a short time and I had no big complaints that would prevent me from visiting again.

Ark Business Hotel

The Hotel Ark Business is located a little far from Mito Station and if you have a lot of luggage I would probably take a taxi to get there.  The area is also a bit scary at first as it is nestled around a few homes and the area is pretty dark.  The hotel itself is a beacon of light with various lights all around the front entrance so it is pretty easy to find once you find the street that it is on.

The second floor is where the lobby and restaurant are located.  At night this floor is pretty smoky and I was a bit uncomfortable with it.  The restaurant had a lot of people smoking and it was a bit noisy overall but thankfully you don’t hear anything in the rooms.  Sometimes it seems a little deserted but the front desk was very kind and helpful when I was there.  I doubt they speak English but they do try their best.

Ark Business Hotel Room

I was in a smoking room but that was because it was the cheapest I could get.  The room was bigger than most other business hotels and I really liked their desk chair.  It was pretty comfy.  While many things in the room were pretty old, it was sufficient enough for me to feel comfortable while I was there.  The only problem I had was that I was on a lower floor next to the sign and the lights for the sign didn’t turn off until late at night.  If you want a good night’s sleep in darkness, you better bring an eye shade as the blinds were not good enough to block all of the light.  In fact they had small slits that let quite a lot of light into the room at night and I was a bit nervous to change in the room as people could probably see in a little.

My room came with a breakfast and I always get the western breakfast at hotels.  It was a simple breakfast with self-serve drinks.  It was just eggs, bacon, salad, and toast.  I can’t complain as it was included with my room and it was more than enough to keep me happy for the day.

Before Bed Beer

The Hotel Ark Business is not the best hotel in the world but it is cheap and does the job.  I don’t really mind staying in old hotels as they add to the atmosphere of my trips.  I doubt that I would try to stay in this hotel again but I would stay in this hotel if it was my only option or if the price was right.