Hotel Palace Takamatsu

Hotel Palace Takamatsu is a very typical business hotel in Takamatsu.  It can be a little difficult to find as it isn’t located on a major street but it is located in a very easy to find way if you are walking.  It is in a very good location, between the port and central business area, so travelling to the port as well as the central business area of Takamatsu is convenient.

Hotel Palace Takamatsu

The lobby of Hotel Palace Takamatsu is a little intimidating from the outside, especially at night.  The building looks like a love hotel and the front of the hotel is a little dark.  The inside looks a little old but it isn’t bad at all, especially once you walk in.  The lobby is a little narrow with a small seating area and a computer.  The people at the front desk don’t speak a lot of English but I’m sure they can help most guests.

Evening Beer at the Hotel Palace Takamatsu

The room at the Hotel Palace Takamatsu is very standard.  There really isn’t anything special about it.  It is clean and decent.  The only down side to the room is the bathroom which is very small.  I had a tough time taking a shower but it met all of my basic needs.

Computer in the Lobby

While I wouldn’t mind staying at the Hotel Palace Takamatsu again, I really think the Toyoko Inn is a better bet if you want comfort.  I did a lot of hotel hopping while I was in Takamatsu as my trip was planned at the last second.  For the price and convenience, the Hotel Palace Takamatsu is a great choice and something you can consider when in Takamatsu.