Thrash Zone Meatballs (Yokohama)

On the eve of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year for some), I headed down to Yokohama to join some friends for their annual CNY eve party.  I wanted to beat the mad rush out of Tokyo so I arrived an hour early.  With all this extra time I decided it was time to visit one of my favourite craft beer bars in Yokohama, Thrash Zone.

Thrash Zone MeatballsWhile I had been to Thrash Zone’s original location near Yokohama Station, they opened a second shop near Kannai Station right in the heart of the craft beer movement in Yokohama.  The shop itself is pretty simple and lives up to Thrash Zone’s typical no nonsense style.  I grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a nice IPA, their signature brew style.  I got their Speed Kills IPA, which was pretty typical of their IPAs.  It was strong, hoppy, and no holds barred.  Needless to say, I wish I could have had a few more pints but I had a party to get to.

Thrash Zone Meatballs

Speed Kills IPA

If you are looking for something to eat, Thrash Zone has never been a place to go.  It is a very simple bar where you can get a quick pint or two after dinner.  The concept is perfect for people who just want to drink.  They do have meatballs, which are part of the name, and they smelled delicious.  They also have other light snacks but I was a little too afraid to order it as I had dinner waiting for me later that evening.

Thrash Zone Meatballs is a great place and if you love their original shop near Yokohama Station you will probably like this one too.  You get the exact same atmosphere, which can feel a little cold at times, but that is the charm of this place.  I can’t wait till I’m back to get a few more pints, but with their high alcohol levels, you can be sure that I will probably have trouble making it back home afterwards!