EIGHT BURGER’S (Shimokitazawa)

Eight Burger is a trendy looking hamburger joint in Shimokitazawa and I really enjoyed going there.  It is a nice little place with a few nice beers in the cooler but you really should go there for the burgers only.Eight Burger

Eight Burger is a pretty small shop but the front entrance is very inviting.  I was originally going to Ushitora till I found out they were closed in the afternoon and their website didn’t update their opening hours.  I headed back towards Eight Burger as I was starving and was happy that I returned.Eight Burger

The interior of Eight Burger is really quaint.  It is rustic with a lot of wood and a lot of warm colours.  The seats were not the most comfortable but they were more than enough to relax for an hour as you enjoy your burger.  If I lived in Shimokitazawa, Eight Burger is probably a place I would visit often.  They also have an outdoor terrace that looked like a great place to relax on a warm afternoon.

I ordered one of the chili burgers that came with cheese and hot sauce.  It was really good and the shoe string fries that came with it were perfect.  While I’m not a big fan of shoe string fries, I did think they did a good job of cooking them.  The chili did fall out into the paper bag but the small fork they had for the small coleslaw was perfect for getting the remaining chili into my stomach.Eight BurgerEight Burger is a pretty good place and I would love to go back again if I am in need of food in the Shimokitazawa area.  The prices were reasonable for Tokyo and the quality was really good.  Service was good for a small shop run by a few people, but you don’t go to these types of places looking for luxury service.  Everything was as expected for a burger joint and I was happy to visit and will happily return in the future.