Smokehouse by T.Y. Harbor is a really good barbecue joint between Shibuya and Harajuku.  It has been on my hit list of places I wanted to visit and I finally made time to visit on Christmas Day.  I usually take Christmas as a holiday, even though it is a regular working day in Japan, and I decided that I needed good barbecue.  I headed out there and met with a friend and had a great meal and some good beers.



T.Y. Harbor has a large range of restaurants and none of them are really the same.  They each have their own themes and the Smokehouse is their barbecue joint.  They have a lot of slow cooked meats, but in Japan good barbecue is a little expensive.  I ordered the burger of the day lunch special and it came with a side of fries.  There are also 4 different barbecue sauces that you can use for the fries and burger.  I liked the Voodoo Hot sauce the most as I have a penchant for spicy food, but the Porter Pepper, made with T.Y. Harbor’s porter beer was also really good.  I couldn’t stop adding more sauce even though all of the food was good on its own.

Burger of the Day

Barbecue Sauces

For the beers, I started with the Strawberry Wheat Ale.  It was really nice and refreshing but almost too light to go with the barbecue.  I thought it was good on its own or even as a dessert beer.  I don’t have a big sweet tooth but the combination of strawberries and the wheat made it delicious.  I also had their standard Pale Ale which paired better with the strong barbecue flavours.  I would have gone for the IPA, my own personal standard, but I had yet to try the Pale Ale and wanted to see how it would go.

Strawberry Wheat Ale

Pale Ale

Smokehouse is a really good place and I can’t wait to go back there again.  I really like the food and while the prices may be a little high, compared to similar restaurants back home I felt the prices really aren’t that expensive anymore.  A burger and fries cost around 2,000 JPY and there are so many fries that I could barely finish them.  I definitely got my money’s worth for the food and will be back again.

Front Area with Bar

Back Area of Smokehouse