Shinbashi Burg (Shinbashi)

Shinbashi Burg is a hamburg steak joint in Shinbashi inside the New Shinbashi Building.  It is next to the SL Square, the big square with a big steam locomotive on display.  The New Shinbashi Building is an office worker’s heaven as there are lots of cheap eats, cheap suit shops, and massage parlors galore.  Obviously I went because it was cheap and the reviews said it was good.

Shinbashi Burg

Finding Shinbashi Burg is a little difficult but thankfully it is located on the first floor of the building.  You may have to walk around the inside of the building a little to find it but you shouldn’t have any troubles finding the New Shinbashi Building.  Shinbashi Burg is really small with only counter seating and you have to buy food at the vending machines.  As always, once you get your ticket you head inside, sit, and wait.

Shinbashi Burg

There are several dishes available but the most famous has to be the Shinbashi Burg (新橋バーグ).  It is a patty of meat with plain rice, fried egg, and a tomato based sauce.  They have a spice version that adds jalapenos on top to make it extra spicy.  I ordered the Turkish Rice Burg (トロコライスバーグ) that has the same patty of meat but with spiced rice, fried egg, and a demi-glace sauce.  The combination of the demi-glace and the spiced rice was delicious.  They also have tabasco sauce and powdered parmesan cheese which made it even better.  Everything was extremely delicious and from the first cut into the patty a ton of juice just flowed right out of the hamburg.  I’m not lying when I say I was in heaven.

Turkish Rice Burg

At first, I thought the prices were a little steep at Shinbashi Burg, but my eyes went big when it came.  The amount of food you get is pretty substantial.  It was about 20% bigger than I expected.  For the same price these places are usually pretty small overall and with 200g of beef in each patty you can be sure it will be pretty big.  I definitely left with a full stomach.

Shinbashi Burg is in a place that I normally wouldn’t visit on my own.  I wouldn’t even think of visiting this place in the past but I am happy that I did.  I really loved the hamburg steak and if I’m ever in need of it I will probably try to go again.  It is one of the best hamburg steaks I have had in Japan so you can be sure that I will be back.