Antenna America (Shinagawa)

Antenna America is one of my favourite places to get craft beer.  For American craft beer, there really aren’t many other choices other than to go to Antenna America.  While I usually prefer their Kannai shop in Yokohama, they opened a new shop in Shinagawa in 2016.  Initially I thought this would be great but to be very frank and honest, I was let down a little.

Antenna America (Shinagawa)

If you are expecting to go to a nice bottle shop in Shinagawa, similar to Antenna America’s Kannai shop, you will be extremely disappointed.  This is what happened when I visited Antenna’s Shinagawa location.  The shop is less of a shop and more of a food court outlet.  Located inside the Atre department store, Antenna has several taps and a cooler full of bottles.  It is nowhere near as large as their Kannai shop and this is where expectations and reality collide.

Atre Shinagawa Food Court

While I was disappointed in what was available, the Shinagawa shop is definitely wonderful.  When I consider what they have and what I should expect, they did a really good job.  The shop is beautiful and what they have on tap is pretty good.  You also have a better variety of food choices compared to their Kannai location.  You have Guzman Y Gomez, an Australian chain of Mexican restaurants, as well as other places where you can get foods such as sandwiches.  My go to will always be Mexican when I go to Antenna America and Guzman Y Gomez was really good.

Guzman Y Gomez

Shinagawa doesn’t have a lot of craft beer shops, so having Antenna America in the area is a godsend.  I really love that they opened a shop much closer to my home but to be honest I still prefer their Kannai location.  I won’t be picky so the Shinagawa location is well worth my time to visit.  There is no doubt that I will be back again and now that I understand what the shop is about, I won’t be disappointed the next time I visit.