Charcoal Grill Green

I heard about Charcoal Grill Green a long time ago as they often provide some of the food at the Japan Brewers Cup.  It is a chain of 2 restaurants in Yokohama and while I had been thinking to visit for a long time, every time I go to Yokohama I usually went to Antenna America to get some American craft beer and tacos instead.  Recently I was visiting Yokohama during the afternoon so Antenna America was closed and Green was open and I’m happy that I had the chance to go as I really enjoyed my visit.

Charcoal Grill Green (Bashamichi)

I visited the Bashamichi location of Green during lunch.  It is pretty reasonable for what you get but don’t expect a cheap meal.  The shop is pretty easy to locate as it has a lot of green on the outside.  The inside was very rustic with nice counters and tables and the view into the kitchen to make me hungry.  I was seated at the counter and I was really comfortable to just relax there.

Charcoal Grill Green (Bashamichi)


For lunch they mainly have lunch sets.  I got the pork shoulder with a Charcoal Grill Green x Brimmer Brewing collaboration beer.  I got the Hunky Punk IPA which was a wonderful American style IPA that was perfect for the grilled meats.  It was very strong but melded very well with the pork shoulder steak that I ordered.  The starter salad was nice as was the bread.  Grilled over charcoal, it was flavourful and not dry.  The main dish was just as delicious with a nice sizeable portion.  It was plated on top of coleslaw that was infused with wasabi.  It was definitely delicious.  For lunch they also have a tea and coffee bar but I didn’t feel like having any at the time.

Pork Shoulder Lunch

Brimmer Brewing x Charcoal Grill Green – Hunky Punk IPA

Charcoal Grill Green is a great place and well worth my money.  I won’t be visiting often but when I’m in need of grilled meats I will definitely try to go to Green.  The lunch atmosphere was really chill and I was able to just relax and not feel rushed to get out, even when I was one of the last customers to leave.  The selection of beers and food was a good match and I’m sure everything is delicious and can’t wait to try more.