Salon Butcher & Beer is a nice little place where you can get a good meal and a beer in the NeWOman complex in Shinjuku’s south side.  It is run by “adam et rope”, a Japanese fashion retailer that has branched out into food.  The Salon Butcher & Beer is an interesting concept that combines quality choice meats with beer.

Salon Butcher & Beer

Salon Butcher & Beer is not too difficult to find, but the NeWOman complex is very confusing.  It is thankfully located a short walk from the Starbucks on Shinjuku’s Southern Terrace.  It was pretty busy when I went and they were trying to fit people into the seats.  Unfortunately they liked to have a little space between their customers, in other words each customer had 2 full seats at the bar, so I couldn’t get a seat at the bar.  I was put at a table but I still had a good view of what the servers were doing.

Salad and Soup Appetizers

The biggest problem I had was that I ordered a curry lunch set with a Fuller’s IPA.  They messed up my order and gave me a pork hamburger steak instead.  I was really tired at the time I went and didn’t bother to complain.  The prices were the same so I didn’t care too much but it was still a mistake on their part.  I’m sure they just pushed the wrong button as no one else seemed to get their orders messed up.

Pork Hamburger Steak

Overall, the look of Salon Butcher & Beer is really nice.  The servers are pretty good and they will do their best to give you good service.  Being in a food court like environment means you can’t really relax completely as people are constantly moving around, but that is to be expected.  I don’t think I would go back again, to be honest, as it was pricey.  I think the quality of the meat was really good for this type of restaurant and if I was on a lunch date I would consider this shop.  Considering I rarely go to Shinjuku, it is unlikely that I will be going back to the area anytime soon but I will try to visit Salon again in the future.