Itoman Fish Market

The Itoman Fish Market is somewhat of a local secret in Naha as it is located a little distance from the central area of the city and is probably not as popular with tour groups either.  Officially called the Itoman Fisherman’s Cooperative (Fish Centre), I just called it the Itoman Fish Centre or Itoman Fish Market.  It is a small building in a big open area with lots of fresh fish on sale.

Itoman Fish Centre

If I ever have a car and I want a good sashimi breakfast, the Itoman Fish Market is probably the best place for it.  It is a good way to start your day as there aren’t too many people there, although it may be pretty busy on weekends.  When I entered the fish market there were very few people there and a lot of fish on display.  You can buy whole fish, local vegetables, as well as some fresh cut sashimi and other fresh seafood.  I was in heaven.

Itoman Fish Centre

Itoman Fish Centre

The prices for the sashimi were not too expensive but it wasn’t very cheap either.  I was happy with the price and got a few items.  The shrimp were huge and I made a big mess of everything.  I really loved the presentation too.  I really couldn’t ask for anything else while I was there.


If you have more time there is a gift shop next to the Fish Market.  The gift shop is pretty standard and there really wasn’t anything for me to buy that I couldn’t get in central Naha.  I don’t know if the prices were better in the Itoman Fish Market area but it wasn’t as busy as the other souvenir shops either.

Souvenir Shop

If you have access to a car and want some fresh seafood, the Itoman Fish Market is a great choice.  It isn’t far from Naha and if you eat breakfast there you can stop by the outlet mall on the way back.  I wasn’t interested in shopping so we just headed back to Naha.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better local treat than the Itoman Fish Market.