Ajima (Naha)

One of the best meal experiences I had in Naha was when my friend took me to a local shop called Ajima.  It is located just past the Makishi Public Market and a little off the shopping arcades so it was a complete mystery at the time as to where I was.  Ajima is a wonderful little shop that has an all you can eat vegetable buffet, with some meat, and I was really happy to visit.


Ajima is a real local hangout.  When we entered there were only a bunch of old ladies at a single table.  As we ate there only seemed to be locals who entered.  The place is pretty standard with a set of tables near the entrance for the buffet as well as some tables near the kitchen for rice and soup.  It was a simple design and when you walk in you just choose where you want to sit and head straight to the food.


Ajima’s main claim to fame is the vegetables.  I learned the names of all of the dishes, I didn’t bother to think too much and I just got a little of everything.  They only have local vegetables and you get to sample almost everything.  If you are a vegetarian this is the place you need to be.

Food at Ajima

If you aren’t a vegetarian, Ajima does have some meat options.  They had some tebichi, pig’s feet/knuckle, and it was really good.  All of the food is prepared by older chefs and everything is like a good home cooked meal.  I was really happy with the meal and it was pretty reasonable.  You can also get take-out from Ajima, from what I saw, but it is much better to take the time to enjoy a meal inside.

Menu at Ajima

I really loved the atmosphere of Ajima and would love to go back again.  There are so many good places to eat in Naha and I’m sure I will have a tough time choosing from all of the different places.  Either way you can be sure that I will be back again if I have a chance and if you are a vegetarian, this is probably your best option in Naha.