Saitama Stadium 2002

The biggest problem with visiting Japan and being a sports lover is finding out where the games are and how to get to the games.  While there is ample information about when the games are, it can be difficult to know how to get there; where to sit; and what to do at the games.  This is part of a series of posts designed to help you navigate to the stadium and enjoy the game as much as possible rather than getting lost in what to do.

*All information is valid as of the start of the 2019 season and subject to change.

Stadium Stats

  • Name: Saitama Stadium 2002
  • Location: Saitama, Saitama
  • Team: Urawa Red Diamonds
  • Main Station: Urawa Misono Station (20 minute walk)
  • Capacity: 63,700

Saitama Stadium 2002


The Urawa Red Diamonds, or Urawa Reds for short, is the only regular team at the stadium.  The stadium was designed as a dedicated football stadium for the 2002 World Cup and continues to host international matches and other major matches.

Getting There

Saitama Stadium 2002 is only serviced by the following train line:

  • Saitama Rapid Railway Line

The Saitama Rapid Railway Line has direct through services with the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line.  Most trains will run along both lines but not all trains run to Saitama Stadium 2002.  Take any train going to Urawa-Misono Station.

From Urawa-Misono Station, head out Exit 2 from the main gate and continue north along the main path to Saitama Stadium 2002.


Most of the seating at Saitama Stadium 2002 is for the Urawa Reds.  They are a very popular team and it can be difficult to get tickets to major games.  If you are on the visitor’s side, it will also be hard to get tickets as they tend to have only a very small section.  Be sure to be there very early if you are in the free seating areas.

  • SS/S/SA/SB Seats (SS・S・SA・SB指定席) – Reserved Seats
  • Reds Seats (レッズシート) – Reserved Seats
  • Main Upper (メインアッパー指定席) – Reserved Seats
  • Back Upper (バックアッパー指定席) – Reserved Seats
  • Soccer Town Urawa Seats (サッカーのまち浦和シート)
  • Welcome Seat (ウェルカムシート)
  • Home (ホーム自由席) – Free Seating
  • Family 2/3 Seat (ファミリー2・3シート) – Special Family Seating Area, Reserved Seats. Seats come with gifts for kids, access to a kids play room, and face painting.
  • Table Seat 3/6 (テーブルシート) – Reserved Seats with a counter (Max 3 or 6 people per table)
  • Plan Seat (企画シート) – Premium Reserved Seats with a welcome package
  • Wheelchair Section (車いす席)
  • Visitor Reserved (ビジター指定席) – Reserved Seats
  • Visitor Free (ビジター自由席) – Free Seating

Note:  Seating is subject to change for international matches.

Urawa Reds Seat Layout & Single Match Ticket Prices

Saitama Stadium 2002


Note:   Tickets are usually released 1-2 months in advance.

J-league has its own website in English to purchase tickets for some teams.  It is the easiest method to buy tickets if you cannot read Japanese.  Note that tickets are usually released 1-2 months in advance.

The Urawa Reds also have many options in Japanese to purchase tickets:

If you can read Japanese, all major convenience stores have ticket kisoks for purchasing tickets.  7-Eleven is generally the best convenience store as they generally do not charge handling fees.  If you have all of the information in Japanese, it may be possible to get a clerk to help you make the purchase.  Alternatively, the team’s homepage has links to other online purchase options.

Same Day Tickets

Same day tickets can be purchased at the box office at the stadium.  Many games will have seats available but popular games may sell out and visitor seating may be difficult to get if the team is really popular.

View from the Upper Deck near the Home Stands

Club Merchandise

Throughout Saitama Stadium 2002 you can find small merchandise shops.  On game days, there is a temporary shop setup in front of the south gate with a few other shops and food stalls within that area as well.

Red Voltage

Red Voltage is the Urawa Red’s official merchandise shop.  It is located near Urawa Station and open every day except Mondays.

  • Red Voltage – Official Merchandise Shop (Japanese Only)

Red Voltage (Temporary Shop Outside Saitama Stadium 2002)