Akafuku (赤福)

Akafuku is a famous dessert shop in Ise with their signature Akafuku Mochi.  Akafuku Mochi is basically a dollop of mochi with red bean paste on top.  Unlike other daifuku desserts, Akafuku inverts the ingredients.  Usually the mochi is wrapped around the red bean paste.  The shape and design of the dessert carries a lot of meaning too.  From their website, they say:

The shape symbolizes the Isuzu River which flows through the Ise Grand Shrine region, with the three ridges in the sweet bean paste representing the clear water that flows through the river, and the white mochi depicting the pebbles that lie on the riverbed.



It is interesting to hear such symbolism but in reality, it won’t look that way when it reaches my stomach.  It was a good dessert and something I recommend everyone should try when going to Ise.  You may not want to stop by the main shop near the Naiku as it is really busy, but the Geku shop isn’t very busy and a nice place to be.


  • Akafuku (Official Site – English)
  • Akafuku (Official Site – Japanese)