2020 Olympic Venues – Ariake Venues

Ariake Tennis Park

Ariake Tennis Park

Ariake, a relatively undeveloped area next to Odaiba, will see several new and upgraded facilities.  5 events will be held in Ariake, and 4 purpose-built buildings and parks will be built for the Olympics.  There will be 3 new stadiums and a bike course that will be ready in time for the Olympics.  Currently the area is not much more than a parking lot so the space is available.  Unfortunately, most of the buildings will be temporary and will revert to something else, but they haven’t really said what it will revert to.

Ariake Arena

The Ariake Arena will be a special stadium that will be converted into a city gymnasium after the 2020 games.  The location of Ariake Arena is next to Odaiba and just across from the current planned location of the new Tokyo Fish Market.  The area is not well served by public transportation but it isn’t bad either.  This area will be busy but the time to construct everything shouldn’t be too long as the area is currently free.

Future Ariake Arena

Future Ariake Arena

Ariake Arena will host the volleyball events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Olympic Velodrome

The Olympic Velodrome will be a temporary velodrome used for the indoor track cycling.  Japan is pretty famous for track racing and has excellent facilities as is, but they will build a special facility and they have promised to reuse the wood afterwards, but the bid committee never specifically said what they would use it for but velodrome lovers are hoping it will be used for a permanent track somewhere near Tokyo.

Future Olympic Velodrome & BMX Course

Future Olympic Gymnastic Centre, Olympic Velodrome, & BMX Course

The Olympic Velodrome will be used for the cycling track events.

Update (July 2016):  The Olympic Velodrome will not be built due to costs.  The indoor track events have been moved to the Izu Velodrome.

Olympic BMX Course

The Olympic BMX Course will be located next to the velodrome.  BMX doesn’t require a lot of space, but does require a lot of obstacles to do stunts.  An open area is more suitable for the BMX events and the open space will be good match for the events.  The area probably won’t retain the obstacles afterwards and I highly suspect everything will be torn down as it is often made of fibre wood.

View Towards the Future Olympic BMX Course

View Towards the Future Olympic BMX Course

The Olympic BMX Course will hold the cycling BMX events.

Olympic Gymnastic Centre

The Olympic Gymnastic Centre will look similar to the Ariake Arena and the Olympic Velodrome and serve a similar purpose.  I couldn’t find any definitive answer but it appears to be a temporary facility.  They do mention that it will be used as a full time training centre but I’m not sure if they are talking about the time before the games or after.  Many of the Ariake venues will be next to each other with the Olympic Gymnastic Centre being next to Odaiba.

The Olympic Gymnastic Centre will hold the various gymnastic events in 2020.

Ariake Tennis Park

The Ariake Tennis Park will be upgraded to allow the tennis events to be held.  Currently, the Japan Open is held there and the main Ariake Coliseum and Tennis Forest Park will host the tennis events.  The main Coliseum will not require a lot of work as it is fully functional as is, but several of the smaller courts will probably need upgrades and probably bigger stands.

Ariake Coliseum

Ariake Coliseum

The Ariake Tennis Park will be used for the tennis events in the 2020 Olympics.

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