HinoMaple is Open!

HinoMaple LogoIt has taken quite a while for this announcement to be made, and to be honest, too long in my own opinion.  I have been working on HinoMaple for quite a long time.  The concept came to me a long time ago and after many false starts, the final product is finally here!  HinoMaple has been my baby for the last couple years and seriously worked on for the last year.  Almost one year ago I decided to write a book and get my own website opened.  My book forms an integral part of HinoMaple and will be part of the overall services.

HinoMaple is primarily concerned with helping you with your plans for Japan.  Whether you are a business person who needs to make your meetings on time to a person visiting Japan for the first time; HinoMaple is there to help you figure out what you need and want to do.  We aim to take away all of the stress of planning a vacation to Japan, specifically Tokyo.  You can learn all about what you need to be prepared and learn about some of the secrets Tokyo and Japan has to offer.  There are several plans that you can get and they are full customizable to your needs.  With HinoMaple’s Concierge Services, you’ll never need to think about what you need to do as we will do it for you.

The most basic way HinoMaple can help you is through HinoMaple’s Survival Guide to Japan.  It took a year to write and produce but it is now available for sale via HinoMaple’s website directly.  It will be available through other e-book retailers in the near future but it is currently available on our website with payment being made via PayPal.  Learn all you need to be prepared for Japan and never worry about committing any faux pas related with being in a different country with a different culture.  You can get the sampler here to see what it is like as well.

HinoMaple's Guide to Surviving Japan

This blog itself will remain but the name has changed slightly to HinoMaple: Dru’s Misadventures.  This blog will continue to be my own personal blog that is directly linked to HinoMaple.  Nothing will change on the blog site but the main website has grown.  You may see a little more advertising of my book and my services on this blog but I will keep it to a relative minimum.  I hope you will continue to find value in both this blog and my new services via HinoMaple.