J.S. Burgers

J.S. Burger's Chili Cheese Burger

J.S. Burger’s Chili Cheese Burger

In Tokyo, there is one famous burger chain that I had been meaning to try and I finally had a chance to try it.  It is called J.S. (Journal Standard) Burgers but the prices are a little high.  The quality is pretty good and the size was not bad but it was not as good as a burger from back home.  It was, however, good enough to satisfy my burger needs for a while though.  J.S. Burgers has been on my Facebook newsfeed for a while with friends talking about going there and having good burgers.  Do note that a lot of these people are Japanese and the burger chain really plays up their “American style” burgers.  Overall, the price makes it prohibitive to eating them often but it isn’t so high that you couldn’t eat them once in a while.  For the price and quality I would say that for Japan, it isn’t bad.  They are based in the west side of Tokyo with shops from Shibuya to Ikebukuro.  They even have a chain of pancake shops which are more popular, but they are yet again only in the west side of Tokyo.  Living on the east side will make it hard for me to visit J.S. Burgers in the future but that is fine.  I am happy to visit all of the other burger joints on the east side.  If you have a chance, and live in Tokyo, it doesn’t hurt to go to J.S. Burgers, but I wouldn’t say it should be a regular destination.