Chibo (Main Shop)

Chibo is a chain of okonomiyaki shops that originate from Kansai.  Chibo is one of my favourite okonomiyaki shops and they offer a great variety of okonomiyaki.  They have their classic “Dotonburi Okonomiyaki” as well as other types of okonomiyaki such as the Modern-yaki and the Hiroshima-yaki.  I try to go to Chibo every time I am in Kansai, although it is a little difficult in Kobe as they don’t have a branch in the central city area.  It can be an adventure to find time to go to one but the quality is always great.  I have been to Chibo about 4 times in my 3 visits to Osaka.  Each time I order similar dishes.  There are a couple of dishes that are a must when I go to Chibo.  The first is the Tonpeiyaki.  It is similar to an egg omelette and very delicious.  It is a lot of fun to eat and perfect for 3-4 people depending on how they cut it.  The other dish I get is a typical okonomiyaki.  I prefer to have an egg on top but it isn’t always necessary.  Yakisoba is good too but when going to an okonomiyaki shop I feel it is more important to get okonomiyaki.


Chibo’s Okonomiyaki

Chibo is mainly concentrated in Osaka with a few branches in Tokyo as well.  The main branch of Chibo is in the Namba district.  Located near the Yoshimoto Theatre, the main branch is actually very small.  There aren’t too many seats and the restaurant doesn’t smell too bad either.  There are the typical counters and tables and if you are lucky you can get a table.  The most popular branch is the Dotonbori branch.  Located just at the eastern edge of Dotonbori, this multi-story building is full of Chibo.  You basically walk in, say how many people and they tell you which floor to go to.  If you want a higher class experience, you can even go to their President Chibo chain.  The food is almost the same but the class and quality of ingredients is a little higher.  For this blogger, the ingredients are not as important when it comes to Chibo and I am very happy to enjoy going there for the regular fare.  When in Osaka, make sure you take the time to enjoy dinner, or lunch if you must, at Chibo and you won’t be disappointed.