2012 Christmas in Shinjuku

2012 Christmas in Shinjuku: JR East Headquarters

Shinjuku is a major urban centre and there are always Christmas displays to be seen.  This year there is little change in the displays.  There are a few displays, mainly around the Shinjuku I Land Tower, a small one at the Keio Plaza Hotel, and the main one at Shinjuku Southern Terrace.  I often enjoy the Shinjuku Southern Terrace display, but it hasn’t changed much since they first started it.  It is a great display if you have never seen it.  While I can’t completely confirm that the displays are relatively the same, from the photos I have seen, they are.  Since moving to Kinshicho, I haven’t had many opportunities to visit Shinjuku at night.  This year won’t be any different, but I do walk around Shinjuku Southern Terrace often, and this year, from what I can see during the day, nothing has really changed.  They still have a large “tree” at the south end that is mainly for couples to enter and make a wish.  Then there is the cute Suica Penguin display that is in front of the JR East headquarters.  This year, they have the new Shinkansen as part of the model.  I often enjoy seeing them and I always look forward to seeing them each year.

2012 Christmas in Shinjuku: Shinjuku Southern Terrace

Note:  There are more photos on my Facebook Page.  Please check back again around Christmas as I will add more photos of Sky Tree at night.  You can directly view the photos here:  HinoMaple @ Facebook: Shinjuku Christmas

Christmas in Tokyo 2012