2012 Christmas in Marunouchi

2012 Christmas in the Marunouchi Building

Marunouchi is one of the famous places for Christmas and this year it will continue that tradition. Unfortunately there really isn’t anything special about it. People rave about how Naka-dori, the main shopping strip in Marunouchi, is lit up. In fact, it was lit up before any other area in Tokyo. The bad part is that they use only white lights, which makes it look great, but after seeing just one block, it all looks the same. Then there is the Red Brick Square which is a small hidden square located between Yurakucho Station and Tokyo Station on Naka-dori. It is a nice little square that continues the white light theme but at least they have a nice Christmas tree inside. If you don’t want to see a small Christmas tree in an outdoor plaza, you should just stick with the large tree inside the Marunouchi Building. In their main atrium, they have a huge Christmas tree on display as well as a small display celebrating the 60th anniversary of the nearby Shiki Theatre. They have a display showing a few costumes and sets from the Tokyo production of Phantom of the Opera. It is pretty nice but really busy when they are open. While it is a bit early to visit Marunouchi, the main show will start on December 21 when the new Tokyo Michiterasu starts. Tokyo Michiterasu will be very short lived as it will end on December 28th, so go there quickly or you will miss it. Hopefully I’ll have time to visit Tokyo Station during the show and I’ll post photos and perhaps video as well.

2012 Christmas on Naka-dori

Note:  There are more photos on my Facebook Page.  Please check back again around Christmas as I will add more photos of Sky Tree at night.  You can directly view the photos here:  HinoMaple @ Facebook: Marunouchi Christmas

Christmas in Tokyo 2012