2012 Christmas in Kinshicho

Living in Kinshicho gives me greater insights into an area that very few people will ever visit. For people who love seeing the local people, Kinshicho is not the best choice. It is neither a local area nor is it a major urban centre in Tokyo. It is a mix between the two and it has been growing yearly. This year saw another growth around the station. When I moved to Kinshicho, the first Christmas was pretty boring. There were a few lights here and there but nothing spectacular. Over the last few years they continued to add to the display. The south side is more subdued with just a few lights strung up on the trees in front of the station. The north side, the family oriented side, has seen a huge growth. The entire area around the station and all the way to Oyokogawa Park is lined with Christmas Lights. There is even a display replicating Tokyo Sky Tree on the eastern side of the plaza. On the west, in front of Arcakit, they have a lot of interesting lights. They set up lights that act more dynamically than any other lights in Tokyo. I find them to be the best lights I have seen as it makes the two main trees dance. You can see a bit from the video below. Kinshicho is not a place for most people to visit, but its close proximity to Tokyo Sky Tree makes it a great place to start or end a trip to Tokyo Sky Tree. If you start your day in Asakusa, head to Tokyo Sky Tree, you can end it with a walk to Kinshicho Station where you can enjoy the lights before heading home.

Update:  I have recently made an effort to visit the south side of Kinshicho and they have done a little more than last year to add a Christmas feel.  There are several trees with nice lights on them.  I will try to add photos as soon as I can.

2012 Christmas in Kinshicho

Note:  There are more photos on my Facebook Page.  Please check back again around Christmas as I will add more photos of Sky Tree at night.  You can directly view the photos here:  HinoMaple @ Facebook: Kinshicho Christmas


Dynamic lights on the main trees.

Collection of all of the dynamic lighting displays in Kinshicho.

Christmas in Tokyo 2012