2012 Christmas at Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree’s Mascot, Sorakora-chan

This year is the first year of Christmas for Tokyo Sky Tree.  It is also the first year of Light Art Entertainment.  The main attraction is Tokyo Sky Tree itself.  There are several lighting designs for Tokyo Sky Tree with the main event happening on Christmas weekend.  You can follow the link at the bottom of the page to see the full schedule.  Currently Tokyo Sky Tree is being lit up around 16:45 every day but that might be a little earlier as the days continue to get shorter.  On the main outdoor plaza on the 4th floor, there is a small Christmas market.  It isn’t so much of a market as it is just a place to sell various items that appear to be Christmas related.  Currently they are selling various beers, hot wine, and a few other pastries and soups.  It is a nice concept but to me it doesn’t feel like Christmas as there are very few ornaments for sale.  Then there are the other lighting displays around Solamachi itself.  They are boasting a very interesting lighting display on the steps from the west side.  It reminds me of the Louis Vuitton logo, yet it is distinct.  Then there are the various decorations from a large wreath on the west side to the Sky Tree Characters dressing up in Christmas themed clothing.  I can’t forget to mention that they are also being sponsored by Coca-Cola and you can see their advertisements around the Christmas market.  Finally, there is a tree on the first floor that makes for an interesting photo opportunity.  If you have a chance, it is nice to take a look, but be aware that weekend crowds are probably terrible.  I only went on a weekday when it wasn’t terribly busy.

Solamachi’s Christmas Market

Note:  There are more photos on my Facebook Page.  Please check back again around Christmas as I will add more photos of Sky Tree at night.  You can directly view the photos here:  HinoMaple @ Facebook: Tokyo Sky Tree Christmas

Update:  I had a chance to take a few videos of Tokyo Sky Tree and the Candle Tree variation.  You can see the videos below.  The first is the best of the lot.  Then there is a playlist of the others.

Christmas in Tokyo 2012