Happy Holidays 2012

Yurakucho Christmas Lights

It’s that time of year again.  The Christmas season is in full swing now and while autumn is still here and the leaves are still beautiful, almost all of the Christmas Illuminations have been put up.  You can walk almost anywhere in Tokyo and you will see something regarding Christmas.  Last year I talked about all of the Christmas lights in Tokyo and how things have grown.  This year, my goal is to go and see as many of the Christmas decorations as possible.  I will be busy with work but I will do my best to take a look at each of the major areas.  While I may not be able to see the lights at night, I will at least try to see them during the daytime at the very least.  My adventure has already started with the Yurakucho area.  I will be posting photos as often as I can on Instagram as I have just started using it.  Think of it as a photo blog.  I will also be posting updates here with photos that I take around Tokyo.  While many of the photos will be from my phone, I’ll do my best to bring a nice camera with me when I go around.  For now, just read up about my past holiday posts and you’ll get a good idea on what Christmas is like in Japan.

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