Dru’s Tours

Dear Readers,

Enjoying the scenery from Mt. Fuji

I wish to thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I like describing Japan.  It has been a wonderful time for me.  I have decided to expand from this blog and start my own business.  From this moment, I will be offering personal private tours of Tokyo, and possibly Japan for anyone who is interested.  These will be fully personalized and offered at competitive rates.  If any of you had been interested in visiting Japan, but worry about the language gap and getting around, I can help you get your legs, and at the same time, show you around Tokyo, my new home.  Feel free to e-mail me and ask me any questions.  You can also visit my new website that has all of the information regarding this new adventure of mine.  I will, of course, continue to update this blog weekly giving you my viewpoint on Japan, and other things that I have seen.


E-mail:  dru.tang@hinomaple.com
Website:  www.hinomaple.com