About the Author

Welcome to my HinoMaple: Dru’s Misadventures.  For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself.  My name is Dru and I’ve been living in Japan Since September 2008.  I have grown to love my adoptive home, Tokyo and have no intentions of returning to my home town Vancouver, Canada anytime soon.

Vancouver is a beautiful city on the West Coast of Canada.  If you have never been there, it’s wonderful.  There isn’t much to do in terms of nightlife, but you can enjoy lots of sports and mild winters.  Vancouver also has some of the best food from around the world since it is a very multicultural city.  While I miss Vancouver, you can’t beat the excitement of Tokyo.

Tokyo is a vibrant and exciting metropolis where you can get anything you want.  The city is a maze of streets and subways, but once you are used to it, it is easy to navigate and you will love it.  While the main streets are very busy, just a few blocks away and you are in a nice quiet neighbourhood.  You can see everything from modern neon lights to old temples.  It is a venerable mix of everything.

As for me, I enjoy a lot of things in life.  I have a lot of interests and they include sports such as motorsports, specifically MotoGP, football aka soccer, and baseball.  I do love hockey but being in Japan means it is very difficult to watch games often.  I also love travelling which is what helps inspire this blog and to help keep it going as well as craft beer and sake which I believe is my calling in life.  I also love my dog Sox.  He is an adopted Shiba that I adopted in December 2010.  I have always been a dog lover and even had a nice big black lab/German shepherd mix in Canada until he passed away due to old age.  You can be sure that dogs will be a part of my life in the future.

This blog of misadventures is here to teach you about Japan in as much as it is a way for me to remember what I have done.  It is a fun passion of mine and I hope you will enjoy everything that I have seen.  Feel free to ask questions, or give me topics to talk about.