2020 Olympic Venues – Sea Forest Venues

Tokyo Gate Bridge

Tokyo Gate Bridge (Looking Towards Sea Forest)

Sea Forest, or Umi no Mori is a relatively new island in Tokyo Bay.  Located just outside Odaiba, it was a grand scheme to create a beautiful park for Tokyo citizens to enjoy.  The only problem with the entire Sea Forest area is that is it currently not accessible by public transport as far as I know.  You can’t even cycle there as the bridge and tunnel that provides access is limited to motor vehicles only.  It is a shame but hopefully they will allow people to walk over or provide good transit links by the time the games start.  After the games, I would suspect bus service will be relatively regular, but with no easy way to get off the island, I suspect it won’t be profitable and the “forest” will be underused.

*The Sea Forest is projected to be completed (mostly) by 2016, but fully realized by 2037

Sea Forest Cross-Country Course

The Sea Forest Cross-Country course will be a purpose built venue.  The Sea Forest area consists of 2 separate islands with parks located on both islands, but not occupying all of the land on both islands.  On the northern island, next to Odaiba, they will construct a cross country course for the equestrian events.  These events will not drastically change the original plan of the Sea Forest but I imagine it does create a different feel to the park than what the original designers and landscapers imagined.

Sea Forest, North Island is on the Left Side of this Photo

Sea Forest, North Island is on the Left Side of this Photo

The Sea Forest Cross-Country Course will hold the equestrian events for the 2020 Olympics.

Sea Forest Waterway

Between both main sections of the Sea Forest, there will be a waterway that will hold the Rowing and Canoe/Kayak sprint events.  It is a good location as both islands protect this area from major waves from the bay.  Once the games end, the coasts will become recreational areas and the waterway will continue to be used for various rowing events.  I would assume Tokyo will have canoes and swan boats available for couples to enjoy a leisure cruise similar to the boats around Chidorigafuchi.

The Sea Forest Waterway will host the rowing, canoe, and kayak events.

Sea Forest Mountain Bike Course

The Sea Forest Mountain Bike Course will occupy an area of the Sea Forest Park on the southern island.  Mountain bikes don’t require a lot of space so I assume the trails they create will remain and people will be able to walk along them after the games.  I couldn’t find information on whether the trails will remain exclusive for mountain biking.  I would imagine they would be useful for mountain bikers and create a good legacy but the most logical answer would be to let people hike around it for an afternoon only.

Tokyo Gate Bridge With Sea Forest in the Background (circa 2010)

Tokyo Gate Bridge With Sea Forest in the Background (circa 2010)

The Sea Forest Mountain Bike Course will be used for the mountain bike events in 2020.

Update (July 2016):  It appears that the mountain biking course has moved to Izu.  There is no information on what the route will be at this moment.

Wakasu Olympic Marina

I have been to Wakasu several times now and it has grown a lot in the last 6 years.  It may not be part of the Sea Forest area but it is just across the river.  In the Wakasu area, a new Olympic Marina will be built to host the sailing events and provide a new sailing harbour for Tokyo.  The area is still primarily a recreational area with camping, barbecues, and fishing being very popular.  I doubt this facility will cost a lot compared to the other venues and the legacy may provide a decent revenue stream for the city.

Future Wakasu Olympic Marina

Future Wakasu Olympic Marina

The Wakasu Olympic Marina will hold the sailing events.

Update (July 2016):  Sailing has been moved to the Enoshima Yacht Harbour.  This was due to two reasons: 1) Building a new sailing harbour was too expensive  2) Wakasu was under the flight path of Haneda Airport so helicopters were not available to film the event at the start and finish

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